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  Adopt a Cat.  It's good for your CaRMaH  

     Pregnant Again!
Give Your Momcat Freedom from Breeding!    CaRMaH will take in her kittens, and have her spayed and vaccinated!  She'll thank you and lavish you with love!  Write to for more details    
CLICK HERE to donate $10 to help care for our cats and kittens. 

At our local Meow Mixers meet fabulous felines and apply for adoption!

Note: We don't do same-day adoptions. Our cats have a final vet visit before going to their new homes.

Upcoming Meow Mixers

Petco Hudson Saturdays 11-2

We have kittens! September 6, 20

October 4, 18, 25



FREE Spay/Neuter/Vaccines for Marlborough and Hudson stray and feral cats!
Call (508)460-2022 or write today!

Looking for low cost Spay/Neuter for a dog or cat?  1-888-495-SPAY or