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Adopt a CaRMaH Cat

Our goal is to find the right match for humans and felines - it's good for your CaRMaH!



Kittens under 6 months are adopted in pairs, with their mom cat, or into a home with another young active cat. With a cat buddy, kittens learn to socialize, preventing unwanted behaviors such as scratching and biting.
Adoption process:
  1. Fill out an application: Apply online .
  2. Expect to hear back in 2-3 days – we are all volunteer, and we try to process your applications promptly!
  3. If your application is approved, you can meet cats and kittens either at foster homes or at Meow Mixers.
  4. All selected cats have seen our vet recently OR need one more pre-adoption checkup. 
  5. On adoption day, you sign a contract promising to provide a loving home with regular vet visits. You also agree that if you need to re-home your cat and cannot find a good home, you will return him or her to us. 

CaRMaH makes every effort to please our adopters but our first concern must be for the animal’s welfare.
We reserve the right to deny any application.