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To contact us about rehoming a cat, send e-mail to:

Citizen Foster

We rehome many cats through our Citizen Foster program, available to Marlborough/Hudson area residents. We post a description and picture of the cat on our web site. The cat remains with its owner until we approve an adopter who is a good match for the cat. Before adoption, the cat must be up to date with vaccines and spayed or neutered; in some circumstances, Carmah can assist with these services.




We are a limited enrollment shelter:  we only accept cats when we have room. As a result,  we do not euthanize unless a cat is dying or is in pain from an untreatable condition.


We request a tax deductible surrender donation of $75 or greater. We happily take larger donations from those who can afford it, to help the kitties of those who can't.


Typically adult cats come to our Intake Center, receive any veterinary care they need, then move to our Petsmart partner, where they get great exposure!

Moms with kittens, or young kittens are typically fostered in a home until they are spayed or neutered, at which point they can be adopted. 


Special offer: Mom-cats with kittens

Do you want to keep your pet mom-cat while ensuring that her kittens go to great homes? Surrender the kittens to us; we will spay/neuter and vaccinate the babies before matching them to approved adopters. Then we will spay your mom-cat - and neuter the dad-cat if you know who he is - vaccinate them, and return them to you, all for free.