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Fostering Felines

CaRMaH wants all the cats we take in to feel loved and comforted, as they wait to go to their forever homes.

Why do we invite homeless cats into our homes, care for them, love them, and then give them up? The answer is simple: they need our help - a temporary place to stay as they make the transition to their next home. Few things are more rewarding than placing a beloved foster cat with their new loving family. 

The time commitment is minimal: providing a lap in the evenings is often just what is needed! Our cats benefit from our diverse foster homes, including full time single professionals, retirees, and home schooled families. You can choose to foster once or more times; we accommodate vacations and time off. Fostering can last from a few days to a few months, depending on the cat's needs. 

NOTE: If you are thinking of fostering as a means to adoption, please apply to adopt instead! We will work with you to help you find the right cat.


Apply to foster for CaRMaH :

          Questions about fostering? email 

What does a foster home need?

  • A room where the new kitties can live separately from current pets
  • Location in the Marlborough/Hudson area
  • When possible, food, litter and equipment for their foster kitties; sometimes we can supply you with donated food or other necessities 
  • Transportation to vet appointments or to other local volunteers

What does Carmah provide?

  • Veterinary care at one of our local veterinary partners
  • Adoptions services - we process applications, coordinate visits from approved adopters, and help with scheduling vet visits.
  • Experienced foster support and emergency contacts