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CaRMaH Adoption fees are:  

  • $200 for kittens under a year 
  • $125 for cats older than one year.

Compare the cost of adopting a cat from CaRMaH and the cost of providing all the care yourself:

CaRMaH Cat Care Do It Yourself Startup Cat Care
Veterinarian Wellness Exam $50-100
Spay/Neuter $150-400
Vaccines (age appropriate) $40-85
Feline leukemia and FIV test $30-50
Microchip $50
Parasite treatment as needed $70-250
If needed, care for: broken bones, respiratory illness, infected eyes, etc.  Hundreds, maybe Thousands

Adoption donation: 
$125 per cat, $200 per kitten

And BRAGGING RIGHTS – you saved a cat in need!

$390 - $935+










Data for 'Do It Yourself' comes from PetFinder