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Cat Rescue of Marlborough and Hudson

About Us


CaRMaH -- The Cat Rescue of Marlborough and Hudson -- is an all-volunteer cat rescue organization focused on the needs of cats in Marlborough, Hudson, and surrounding towns in Massachusetts. Our cats are in a network of nearby foster homes or at the Hudson Petsmart. We do not have a central shelter building. 


Mission Statement:
Our goal is to reduce or eliminate the suffering caused by overpopulation of feral and stray cats in the Marlborough / Hudson region of Massachusetts.  We rely heavily on community involvement -- through volunteerism, citizen fostering, and community awareness.

Our major programs:

  • Adopting house cats into new homes.
  • Citizen fostering for current cat owners who need to rehome their cats.
  • Educating the community.
  • TNR - Trap, vaccinate, neuter, and release for feral cats, usually to their original location.

‚Äč In the last ten years we have placed over 3500 cats and kittens into homes. We have spayed or neutered over 500 feral cats.

President: Jocelyne Durrenberger
Treasurer: Fiona Finch 
We are registered as an Approved Entity with the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture.