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Working Cats / Barn Cats: Rodent Control      


Working cats or Barn cats work alongside humans to control rodent populations. Working cats are not well suited to a house-cat lifestyle and are not candidates for regular adoption. They can flourish when placed in barns, shops, places of business, and similar environments looking for inexpensive and effective rodent control.  

CaRMaH frequently has working cats available. We work closely with adopters to establish cats in their new home. Our working cats are spayed or neutered and have been vaccinated for rabies. We ask adopters to provide a safe environment including shelter, consistent food and water, and vet care if the cats become ill or injured. 

We try to keep cats in their original environment if they are not suited to traditional adoption. Relocation of these cats must be done carefully. this Alley Cat Allies article on Safe Relocation discusses techniques for successfully re-establishing working cats.

Click for the online application for barn and working cats.

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 Barn cat
Image By Montanabw - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,