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Working Cats / Barn Cats: Rodent Control      


Working Cats assist humans in controlling rodent populations. Working cats are not friendly and are not candidates for regular adoption. They can flourish when placed in barns, shops, places of business, and similar environments looking for safe and effective rodent control.  

CaRMaH frequently has working cats available. We work closely with adopters to establish cats in their new home. Our working cats are spayed/neutered and have been vaccinated for rabies. We ask adopters to provide a safe environment including shelter, consistent food and water, and vet care if the cats become ill or injured. 

What you need to know:

Working cats are not friendly.  They are feral or semi-feral.  You will not be able to pet them, in most cases.

As a general rule, we place cats in pairs, at a minimum.  Most feral and semi-feral cats have lived their lives in the company of other cats.  Having a companion in their new home is a comfort to the cats and helps prevent them from wandering off.  Occasionally, we have a cat that doesn't get along well with others that we place by themselves, but that is less common.

Although there is frequently a waitlist for working cats, you should be prepared to take your working cats on very short notice (1-2 days).  We do not contain feral or semi-feral cats longer than necessary and are seeking to start their acclimation period as soon as possible. We recommend that you collect all of the supplies you will need in advance of the adoption.


An acclimation period of 2-3 weeks is mandatory.  The cats must be kept in a secure enclosure for the first 2-3 weeks that is inside what will be their shelter.  Large dog crates are typically used for this, but larger spaces are suitable as long as they are very secure.  The acclimation period allows cats to adjust to their new environment and accept it as their new home.  We recommend feeding your cats wet food at least once per day.

Supplies You Will Need:

Large Dog Crate or Secure Enclosure
Litter Box & Litter
Food & Water Dishes
Dry & Wet Food

Click for the online application for barn and working cats.

Note:   Effective 4/15/2021, we will charge $50 to place working cats with you, regardless of the number of cats placed.

Please email for more information.

Working Cat with Ear Tip. This is an orange tabby looking at the camera from his hiding spot under a porch.


 This is a brown tabby cat with the telltale ear-tip looking at the camera from under the brush