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CaRMaH cannot exist without the generous financial donations of individuals and organizations. We don't turn away cats in our area for injury or disease. As a result, our medical bills are in excess of $250/cat. Our adoption fees don't cover that amount.

We provide basic care to every cat, including spay/neuter, testing, vaccination and microchips. Many cats need additional care. Recent cats have needed additional surgery, treatment for thyroid disease and diabetes, dental cleanings, and occasional hospice care. We give all of our foster cats the veterinary care they need, and do not euthanize based on injury or disease.

Please consider making a donation via PayPal:  

Or, send a check to our mailing address: CaRMaH, PO Box 560, Hudson, MA 01749 


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We welcome donations of cat supplies too! Click for our Amazon wish list.


Your donations at work

We recently accepted a nine year old cat named Lucky after his owner died. Lucky was in rough shape when he came to us because he had untreated thyroid disease. The gold standard for treatment is Radioactive iodine therapy, available at the MSPCA Angell Memorial Hospital. Because he is young and could live for many more years, we decided he was a great candidate for the treatment. Today, thanks to donations from our supporters, Lucky is cured, healthy, and ready for adoption. 

Lucky before Lucky after
Lucky before Lucky after

Thank you!